Personally, I believe your planner shouldn’t be limited to the office.  If you love it and use it constantly like I do, you should think of using your planner as an accessory and plan your attire accordingly! Most of us spend more than enough time planning. It can certainly benefit us outside of the office while still being a timeless fashion piece. Now you may be asking me, “how on earth can you use a planner as an everyday accessory?” Here are some ways I get the most out of my planner, while adding to my personal style and maximizing my functionality.



Use your planner as a statement piece to go hand-in-hand with your outfit. The best planners for this are simply and in neutral colors, so it’s guaranteed to compliment your #OOTD. Of course, any LV agenda would be great for this, but this is the thought process I had in mind when I first created our Quilted Planner. The leather cover is an elegant feature that is meant to go with any style. Not to mention, these planners look aesthetically pleasing in Instagram photos. Check out @linesmanner below to see how she styles her quilted planner with her outfit.


I typically travel everywhere with my planner, so I double mine as a wallet. Like many others, our Planners are designed to hold up to 6 credit cards, have pockets that can be used for cash and  Our A5 Planners can accommodate a passport. Even a Personal Agenda is large enough for you to highlight your meeting notes yet convenient enough to carry the essentials from your wallet so it’s a perfect conversation piece to replace your pocket book and really standout when your out with your girlfriends.


If you’re an A5 or Desk Agenda kind of gal, these can double as a carry-all-clutch. That’s right, no more bags! Just like the Personal Planners, the A5 sizes offer credit card slots and additional pockets for your passport or cash. It’s the perfect size for those daily errands where you just need your phone, money, keys, and schedule. It gives you a little more room, yet is just as effective as the Personal Size. I also can’t stress enough if you are going to go with this system, the importance of some Credit Card Holders and Pockets to keep everything together and in place.  This just makes up for the extra space you are going to loose from carrying a big bag.

Planner enthusiasts can’t live without their agenda during their day, and even professionals who rely on digital planning still agree using a paper planner is a vital tool. Doubling your planner as an accessory and replacing a wallet or hand bag makes it convenient and necessary to carry, not an additional item to keep up with.

What are some unconventional ways you use your planner? Let me know in the comments or tag me on Instagram with pictures of your everyday accessory. As always… happy planning!