(Photo via Instagram from @simplanfied)

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What’s Inside:

Marie’s Triangular Eraser | Thin, triangular eraser in blue, white, or pink. Pair it with your favorite pencil!

Holder Pen 2B Mechanical Pencil | 2.0mm, 120mmX12EA, mechanical pencil. Black barrel with silver grip. Clip on the side, push cap. Comes with 6 refills and case.

Blue Metal Tri-Sided Pen | 0.5 black, gel ink in a metal, royal blue barrel. Push cap.

Monami Co. Gel Pen | 0.5 black, gel ink pen in a teal, plastic barrel with translucent grip.

Chenle Metal Pen | 0.5mm black, gel ink in a smooth, light blue barrel.

Zebra Sarasa Clip | 0.5 blue, gel ink pen in a white, smooth barrel with navy blue grip. Push cap.

Transparent Pen Pouch | With “there is luxury in simplicity” quote printed on it.