Last week, we talked about steps to finding Planner Peace and discovering your unique agenda size/style. Today I want to share my top 5 must have planner accessories that I can’t live without.


First things first, pens. A creative part of your budget should be dedicated to pens because they go hand-in-hand. The Icon roller pen is a staple in my planner. It’s crafted from stainless steel ensuring a comfortable fit in your hand. Black ink never goes out of style. I do recommend having one or two more colors in your collection for days you want to color coordinate.

Speaking of color coordination, highlighters are must have planner accessories. I really like using pastel colored highlighters because it’s not as harsh. Lavender, baby pink, seafoam green – how can you resist that?! Planners are to highlighters like bread is to butter.


Sticky notes add a little flare to your planner. I like to use them to jot something down quickly. They work great as a placeholder for an event or meeting that is likely to change. Best of all, there are no damages or permanent markings left on your agenda. There’s so many to choose from, but how unique are these black sticky notes?


Whether it’s clips or clamps, a page marker helps me stay on track. Page markers are an efficient tool that allows you to spend more time on planning and less time on searching for what you need. They can make a world of difference in your day-to-day needs.


Having blank note pages in your planner is extremely helpful. I like to designate the back of my planner to blank sheets and double my planner as a notebook. It comes in handy for those busy days.



Finally, the best for last… your personal touch is by far the best accessory for your planner. You can make it your own by hand-lettering pages, adding photographs, or decorating it with stickers.

These are my top 5 accessories I think you must have for your planner. Of course, there are tons more like washi tape, stencils, stamps, dividers… the list goes on.

Let’s keep the conversation going. I’d love to see your necessities. Comment below or email me what accessories you absolutely need for your planner. Until next time, happy planning!