We are so in love with this month’s Stationery box and we hope you are too! This month’s box theme is planner basics/essentials, but with our Cloth & Paper twist. All created specifically for this box.


ABSTRACT FACE PLANNER DASHBOARD OR PRINT | style and size given based on CrateJoy submission. Hand-drawn face on a thick blush rosè paper stock. Prepunched for your planner or cut ready to put in a frame for those without a planner.

ABSTRACT FACE PLANNER DECO SET | Hand-drawn face on a thick rubberized paper stock with raised black finish and one in a gold foil finish. Perfect for having on your Inso board, framing, or adding some umfph to your planner.

DIVIDER STICKY NOTE SET | We included 2 sets of these in your box because we know that you would want a set to hoard and a set to use. 3 x 4 tabbed sticky notes with “PRIORITY, TO BUY, TO DO, READ, AND CALL” in foil. pads are separate so that it makes it easy for you to grab the one you need.

LEAVE A MEMO STICKY NOTES | 2 pack, 25 sheets each (50 sheets total), 3 x 4 sticky notes.

LEAVE A MEMO PLANNER CARDS | 4 x 6, 12 pack printed on heavy white stock

THE HUSTLE STICKER SET | 2 pack, 24 stickers per sheet (48 stickers total) made on super premium sticker paper, neutral palette, sayings “IMPORTANT, MEETING, TO DO, AND EMAIL”. Mark your tasks on your planner by just placing a quick sticker on the applicable date.

ABSTRACT GREETING CARD | A6 folded card with envelope, blank.

ABSTRACT THANK YOU CARD | A6 folded card with envelope, blank.

DON’T GIVE UP GREETING CARD | A6 folded card with envelope, blank.