An agenda can certainly benefit anyone’s lifestyle. There are so many options to choose from. The fun part is figuring out what style suits you best. While it may be natural to sway towards the traditional 3 ring binder or spiral notebook, a disc bound agenda is also an option. If you’re new to planning, you may have never heard of a disc bound agenda. This unique system uses a series of discs to hold the pieces of paper in place unlike the traditional spiral binds you may be used to.


Disc bound agendas bring personalization to another level. Depending on your planning needs, you can swap out different sizes altering your notebook as small as ½ inch or 1 ½ inches. The pages allow for easy organization and offers the ability to change inserts around as you please. By far my favorite thing about a disc bound agenda… it lays flat when pages are turned! We all know how frustrating it can be when a notebook doesn’t lay flat while you’re writing in it.
Our smooth leather agenda cover is the perfect fit for a disc bound system. Just like the traditional 3 ring agenda, you can customize it with different dividers and inserts. We recommend using the 8-disc brass set with half letter sized inserts and dividers.
To apply inserts, simply press the tabs into the metal discs. Make sure to line the front and back of your inserts with a plastic dashboard to create stability. Once all inserts and dividers are set in place, slide the back-divider piece into the agenda pocket located on the right.
Additionally, you don’t have to use the disc bound system to enjoy this beautiful agenda cover. If you’d like to use your own notebook, you can slide it right into the agenda cover.
While disc bound agendas may seem foreign at first, it is a great alternative for those who don’t like the permanence of spiral binding. Did I mention we have some EXCITING news for you? September stationery box subscribers will be receiving our very first spiral bound weekly planner! It will look great alone or slid into the nude agenda cover pictured above.

Cloth & Paper 2019 Dated Spiral Planner